100% Organic Superfatty Castile soap. 100g

100% Organic Superfatty Castile soap. 100g

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100% organic soap - "Nature & Progrès" label

It cannot be simpler: elaborated only from organic olive oil first pressure, it contains neither Essential Oil nor any other component. It is the perfect soap for reactive skins, which can stand "nothing". Also it is surperfatty and rich in natural glycerine.  Also called "Castile soap", it is similar to the Aleppo soap by its composition and method of manufacture. Rich in oleic fatty acids, it is indicated to relieve eczema because it is non-irritating. The absence of essential oils also makes it hypo-allergenic.
This soap is naturally low foaming. To obtain a creamy foam, use a bath flower or a sponge.

Made in France

Composition: Sodium olivate*, Aqua, Glycerin*, Olea Europea fruit oil*

* Ingredient issued from Organic Farming